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Soaring Beyond Recovery

FREE Live Masterclass Webinar

Learn the Secrets for Mastering the Mindset to Soar Beyond Recovery into the Freedom of Living and Loving a Truly Addiction-Free Life


 Join Us for This Free Live Masterclass Thursday, November 1, for Men and Women Who Wish to Explore Living an Addiction-Free Life.


Here Are the Details for This Masterclass:


  • When is it? October 25, 2PM New York (EDT), 11AM Los Angeles (PDT), 6PM London (GMT)

  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop/phone

  • Who's doing it? Presented by Maribeth Batsford CARC, CPC, ELI-MP, Founder and Personal Mastery and Mindset Coach at Adirondack Recovery Care, LLC

  • Why should I be there? To pave the way towards understanding how a shift in mindset and the strengthening of self-awareness can help change addictive thought patterns.

This Training Begins In.....

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About Your Presenter

Maribeth is a Certified Professional Coach who partners with men and women who wish to overcome addiction.  She passionately believes that each person must be empowered to define and direct their own recovery journey in the way that most aligns with their values giving them a foundation for life-long success, personal growth, fulfillment and the courage to step into who they are truly meant to be. 

Maribeth Batsford CARC, CPC, ELI-MP

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn During this Masterclass:


Shifting Mindsets:

Learn simple strategies for creating a more positive mindset that help overcome "stink'in think'in".  See new opportunities in relationships, career, and life in general as happier, healthier, clearer thought patterns and actions emerge to become your new normal. 

The Link Between Thoughts, Feelings and Actions:

Understand the link between thoughts, feelings and actions and how, over time, repetition can seemingly cause an action without conscious thinking. Learn how the brain can create new thought patterns and results that are centered in positive intention.

Energetic Presentation and Self-Awareness:

See how increasing self-awareness can strengthen the ability to recognize sticky situations that might cause relapse, confrontation, hurt feelings, or damage to already fragile relationships. Learn how to evaluate the pros and cons of decisions, while keeping values, dreams and goals top of mind and close to heart.

Values and Why They Matter:

Here we'll take a look at how values help us define who we are and what we want; how they reveal to us our priorities and how they can serve as indicators if our lives are on track, if we need to course correct or when it's time to make a drastic change.

Putting it All Together:

This is not a pre-recorded training. Maribeth will be here live to show how to use the concepts presented today to support the 4 mindset shifts she will be revealing to help overcome the addiction Tug-O-War .

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