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Happy Independence Day!

The Freedom to Live and Love a Truly Addiction-Free Life

Happy Fourth of July! I love Independence Day. It is a time to reflect and be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy and so often take for granted. I also see a powerful analogy here that I’d like to share which is the choice we have to be free from the control and heartbreak of addiction. No matter what our beliefs are; that addiction is a disease or not, that we are powerless over addiction or not, that we are always in recovery or not, we have a choice and the freedom to do something about it or not.

In defining that choice, we are really asking ourselves what freedom from addiction really means to us and what does it look like in reality. For me, freedom from addiction is when thoughts of using or doing no longer enter your mind and if they do, they are fleeting, like a train passing in the night, or perhaps reminiscent of a relationship you’ve outgrown.

You may find yourself one day thinking wow, "I haven’t thought of using or doing in a really long time".  The sense of freedom in that moment gives you an anchor, something to feel and draw upon forever. No more, conniving, manipulating, making excuses. No more guilt, shame or self-loathing that sucks the very essence of life right out of you. No more thoughts of using or doing that you stuff down and won’t admit are there, but are always on the back of your mind, just waiting for that weak moment that will break your resolve.  

Joy permeates your life in ways you’ve never felt before.  You are at peace in all moments, finding contentment with whatever comes your way.  You see the world, people and yourself with new perspectives - angles you’ve never considered before. Judgement is replaced by compassion for both self and others. Every uncomfortable feeling is felt with a questioning awareness and the willingness to “be with it” in the moment, so you can work through it, uncovering the fear and the often seemingly unconscious control it has over you.  Life is no longer limited by recovery, by labels, by stigma, and society's beliefs, but is unchained from it, opening so many opportunities for you to rediscover your purpose, talents and dreams.

Now it’s your turn to define what freedom from addiction really means to you, for it is that very freedom that gives you the right to choose an addiction-free life, on your terms; the opportunity to “Take Back Your Power” and make what is really important to you the center stage of your life. It’s time to fall in love with life again – all made possible by that inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and your choice to follow it. If you are willing to see things from a new perspective, have a strong desire to make that vision a reality, and have the courage to let go of the past you can create a new life, a safe, sacred place where addiction cannot live.

Wishing you the best this Independence Day and hoping you will take a moment to reflect upon what living and loving a truly-addiction free life might mean for you especially as the uncertainty and the possibilities for our world continue to unfold . To find out more about our programs and services visit us at, or give us a call at 518-615-4857. We’d love to connect with you. 

To Your Freedom With Much Love, 

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