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Navigating the Journey

Welcome! Navigating the Journey - Winter / Spring 2020 will take in 3 amazing adventures in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains where you will experience the deep of Winter, the prelude to Spring and reflect upon the transitions in your own life as you journey beyond recovery from darkness into light, from sacred rest into growth and activity. The theme of each adventure will focus on a foundational principle of UnCover-E®

a framework to help you master the mindset you need to increase your self-awareness and develop the skills to recognize and understand the thoughts, feelings and actions that you have and do without thinking. You will begin to see the world differently, and when you see the world differently, extraordinary changes begin to happen in your life.


Navigating the Journey - Winter / Spring 2020 will appeal to those who are capable of moderate exercise,  enjoy the outdoors and exploring nature, the camaraderie of like spirited individuals, meaningful conversations and a hearty meal.  Space is limited to 8 participants.

February 2020

Back Country Snowshoeing 

(Location TBD)


Connect/Understand   Silence, Listening and Being Aware of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions


March 2020

  Nordic ski under the Stars

Location (tbd)


 Reflect /Embrace

 In Darkness we find clarity


April 2020

 Early spring Hike 

(Location TBD)



Anticipation: Venturing into the unknown

  • As part of the April event, we will enjoy a sumptuous culinary experience at  one of the Adirondack's finest venue's.  

  • To set intention  there will be a 45 minute private coaching session for each participant the week prior to each event. You will receive an email with a link into my calendar to set up a time for this session that is convenient for you.

  • Approximately one week after each event, there will be a 60 minute group session to debrief and share our experiences.


Please check back for updates on dates and times for this exciting and contemplative experiential program. To receive notification when registration begins for this event please click here.

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