About Adirondack Recovery Care

Adirondack Recovery Care is an organization dedicated to inspiring, motivating and championing individuals to overcome addiction by helping them take back their power and rediscover a vibrant, resilient, purpose filled life. We believe each person is talented, resourceful and whole; a magnificent being, full of energy, creativity and intuition, capable of awakening into the life of their dreams.

~ Our Vision

To create a framework that enables one to achieve an extraordinary life, free from addiction, that inspires hope, aligns choices with values,  facilitates self-directed change and develops a network of resources that supports living a balanced life.

~ Our Mission

Helping people in recovery learn to live and love a truly addiction-free life.

~ Our Essential Beliefs

All individuals are unique, have special needs, values, and beliefs and should have the opportunity to self-direct their own recovery journey  in a way that is most meaningful to them. There are many pathways to recovery that must be acknowledged, honored and offered through our communities, mutual aid support organizations, healthcare providers, and judicial systems as viable, accessible options for anyone willing to take the life-changing action necessary to overcome addiction.