~ Empower Your Purpose ~

 The Mastery of Mindset 

Learning to live and love a truly addiction-free life begins with shifting your mindset to see recovery differently, helping you create a new life in alignment with your values whether you are in recovery now, are considering recovery, or see yourself moving beyond recovery. Your values, which are those things that are truly important to you, become the source of your motivation to change rather than the fear and consequences of continued addictive behavior and the coercion to accept recovery practices that do not honor who you are and who you want to become. 


*Adirondack Recovery Care honors you as the expert of your life and believes that you are innately creative, resourceful and whole. Our focus is on coaching you to self-direct your recovery journey in the way that is most meaningful to you, challenges your limiting beliefs, helps you be accountable for what you say you will do and empowers you to become the most valuable resource in your life.

Coaching accelerates and strengthens your recovery, especially in these uncertain times, by providing you with a greater awareness of your choices, actions, and responsibilities so you can choose to be a conscious creater of your new reality.

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey? 

The Mastery of Mindset - Empower Your Purpose

"Look past your reflection in the mirror and see the truth,  I am always and in all ways greater than I think...I am." 

                                                                                  ~ Bruce D Schnieder

*Adapted from ICF Definition of Coaching