Recovery Pathways: Scope, Types, Contexts and Frameworks

With a broad menu of recovery-focused ideas, mutual aid support groups and activities to choose from  you will have exposure to pathways that will enable you to decide what resonates most with you.  We will help you integrate whatever options you choose into your recovery plan, evaluate them over time and adjust course as your journey unfolds.

Scope of Recovery

  • Primary - focuses primarliy on addiction health

  • Primary and Secondary - focuses on addiction health and global health

Types of Recovery

  • Abstinence based

  • Moderation based

  • Medicated-assisted

Context of Recovery

  • Solo (natural) recovery

  • Treatment-assisted recovery

  • Peer-assisted recovery

Frameworks of Recovery

  • Religious

  • Spiritual

  • Religious and Spiritual

  • Secular

Recovery Identity

  • Neutral

  • Recovery Positive

  • Recovery Negative


  • In Recovery

  • Recovered

  • Recovering

Adapted from The Varieties of Recovery Experience: A Primer for Addiction Treatment Professionals and Recovery Advocacy by William White, M.A. and Ernest Kurtz, Ph.D.