Rediscovering Your skills, talents and dreams

Our Recovery Care Management program is key to long term recovery and can begin at any time. The recovery plans we co-create with you are based on what you want to accomplish in life, are flexible and evolve with you as you come to understand what the recovery journey truly means to you. The following are some areas you may wish to address in a plan that focuses on your specific needs:

  • Medical Care/Counseling

  • Financial Planning   

  • Career Support    

  • Health and Fitness Plan/Wellness Activities

  • Education/Training

  • Exploration of Spiritual Needs/Activities

  • Community Involvement/Being of Service

  • Fun/Social Activities/Experiential Outings

Our goals for you are simple yet profound, thought provoking and creative and are designed to:

  • Reconnect you to the skills, talents and dreams you already have but may have forgotten

  • Help you find your strengths and apply them to living a  more joyful and meaning life free from self-limiting beliefs

  • Provide unconditional support by being willing to walk along side you in whatever journey you are on without judging you, making you feel inadequate, telling you what you must do, or trying to impact the outcome

Imagine - what would it be like to have support from someone who believes in you, sees your strengths, and wants you to fully enjoy life and become all that you are capable of being? I invite you to be curious and  explore the possibilities! Please join me in a complimentary conversation on Rediscovering Your Purpose.

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection".

                                                                               Johann Hari