What matters most

Building An Addiction-free life 

on the Foundation of Your Values

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You didn't come here to live in the darkness of addiction. You came here to shine, as only you can. You were born for something more. Your rich, exciting, purpose-filled life, free from addiction and limiting beliefs, can only be built on the foundation of your unique values, what is important to you and that which brings you happiness. Find out exactly what your values are, take back your power and fall in love with life again!

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In This Inspiring Guide You Will Learn...

  • What values are and why awareness of them is crucial to breaking through addiction

  • How to live in alignment with your values and take back your power so you can let go of the past

  • The 10 basic universal values ... the building blocks of your personal value system

  • Tools to help navigate through life's sticky situations while staying true to your values

  • How to create a life that lets YOU call the shots and choose your own future


This special guide will help you access the foundation of your thoughts, judgments, attitudes, actions and responses to life's situations. That way you can use them to live life on YOUR terms, removing the obstacles between where you are now and where you want to be. 

Once you complete the exercises contained within this guide, you’ll not only understand more about your purpose and place in the world, you’ll also have the ability to help others find their True North.

Plus, you’ll find more connection with the people around you. Knowing what you value and surrounding yourself with others who share your values gives you a stronger sense of unity, alignment and belonging all crucial elements in the journey of overcoming addiction.

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When you register for this Special Report you will receive the UnCover-e® "Thought of the Week". Each thought presented  in this 7 week series is filled with time-tested wisdom and awareness strengthening questions to help you Take Back Your Power so you really can build an addiction-free life on foundation of your values and uncover the life of  your dreams.