UnCover-E: A framework for developing and strengthening the self-awareness  to break free from addiction forever and live a vibrant, resilient, purpose filled life that takes you soaring beyond recovery. At Adirondack Recovery Care we believe that self-awareness plays a crucial role in overcoming addictions. 

The UnCover- E® framework focuses on helping you to increase your self-awareness of the choices you do have in each and every moment by developing the skills to recognize and understand the destructive thoughts, feelings and actions that you have and do, often without thinking.

The UnCover-E® Process comes alive at the intersection of: 

  • Connection - the pipeline where energy flows between your internal and external worlds

  • Reflection -  uncovering, layer by layer, the true essence of your being, your authentic self

  • imagination - your motivational engine where you envision and then create an exciting purpose filled future - transformation into the life of your dreams

Ready for an Extraordinary Journey?