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To Live 

Truly Addiction-Free?

Truly : Defining "Addiction-Free"

On Your Terms  

When your “Truly” is elusive you're unable to quiet that snarky voice of addiction that is a constant reminder of your shadow self and the demoralized, stigmatized, broken, defeated, unworthy and alone feelings sabotaging your life.

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When you define your "Truly", those negative shadow traits transform into gifts of hope, purpose, integrity and the joy of living and loving a truly addiction-free life without making you feel like you are giving something up.

It’s time to get rid of those “less than” feelings that leave you doubting whether there is more to life than the cravings, binging, lying, guilt and shame that have you chained to the relentless cycle and mindset of addiction.

It’s time to break free! It’s time for UnCover-E.  Download your free copy of Finding Gifts In The Shadow of Addiction and start uncovering your "Truly" today!

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 Self-Awareness  Self-Compassion Self-Leadership

Meet Mari

Professional Certified Life Coach and Founder

Founding Adirondack Recovery Care has been the culmination of my life thus far. It is the story of how I became "recovered" and found the motivation and inspiration to live and love truly addiction-free. It is a way of life that I've come to call UnCover-E .


UnCover-E is all about uncovering the "" the essence of who you are and what recovery really means to you. If you or someone you love has been on the path of recovery yet feels there is something missing, struggles with relapse, perhaps feels shamed just by hearing the word “recovery”, or feels stigmatized or abused by the very programs that are supposed to support you, take heart.


Through the power of your own self-awareness, self-compassion and self-leadership, working one-on-one with your coach, you can rediscover a life alive with hope, strength, loving-kindness and the courage to step into all that you are meant to be.

UnCover- takes you soaring beyond recovery where you learn to live and love truly addiction-free. It's a path to a vibrant, resilient life that I hope you will allow me to share with you.

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"Although I would never wish the darkness of addiction on anyone, I do wish that those who have not experienced it,  could know the wisdom , strength and love that are found on the journey of finding freedom from it. Oh, such an enlightened world it would be!"

What We Do

Recovery Care Coaching

Coaching Beyond Recovery

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Adirondack Recovery Care, LLC

Balancing stones

Learning to Live and Love a Truly Addiction-Free Life Begins with Developing Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion and Self-Leadership.

 UnCover-E  Teaches You How!

Join Me for a Complimentary 1 Hour "Living Truly Addiction-Free"

UnCover-E  Session

Always Profeessional and Confidential

What People Say

I used to be so anxious and uptight while at work, it would interfere with my ability to do my job. My attitude was horribIe as was my disposition. I was always worried about what others were thinking and felt paralyzed by any new assignments.   I consoled myself in comfort food and found I just couldn’t stop eating. And then came the shame and the guilt.  A bit skeptical, but willing, I worked with Coach Mari and the UnCover-E framework. Together we explored ways of helping me recognize the patterns in my life that were setting me up and how I could strengthen my awareness of those patterns to make better choices and be more compassionate towards myself. Today, I am confident,  much less anxious and love my life and my job again. Thank you ADKRC. UnCover-E rocks!

- Anna S.

I struggled for so long with drug addiction and finally overcame it, but then an unforeseen set of circumstances came into my life,  jeopardizing the sobriety I worked so hard for.  I contacted ADKRC and enrolled in their Recovery Care Management program. We worked on my recovery plan and self-care while focusing on connecting me with the resources I needed to overcome the challenges of my own physical disabilities.  Mari and ADKRC were there when I needed them, really understanding me and the support I needed. Mari helped me to figure out how to care for myself and my family in a pretty tough environment. We have come a long way and I’m learning that living a truly addiction-free life for me means practicing self-care, and focusing on being recovered so I can be the best Dad possible for my children.

- Stan F.

When I first realized I had an addiction problem, I was terrified. I'll never forget being told I had a disease that I would never recover from. I would have to attend 12-step meetings beginning with 90 meetings in 90 days. I knew that was just not going to work. After just one conversation with Mari, I knew I no longer had to feel hopeless; that there were other paths I could choose to help me overcome my addiction. Mari helped me identify non 12-step treatment providers and services that aligned with my own values and beliefs. I am confident moving forward in my life now, totally addiction-free with the realization that I have a choice in my recovery because I define what recovery truly means to me. And the coaching support ADKRC provides helps keep me motivated, accountable and prepared for just about anything that comes my way.

- Doug R.

 Be Recovered! Addiction is a Behavior. It is not Who You Are.

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