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Recovery Care Coaching

Co-Creating a Blueprint for a New Life

Empathic Recovery Care

Empathic Recovery Care

em·path·ic - adjective 1. showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another. "an attentive, empathic listener"          -​Google-

Empathic Recovery Care forms the foundation of how we work with you. We begin by deeply listening and opening our hearts to you, building trust and empathy on the foundation of our shared experiences. Tell us your story, where you are at in life. Tell us about your struggles, successes and most importantly your dreams, your aspirations and what you would like to accomplish now, a year from now and beyond.  You will build an empowering vision statement for your life that supports the uniquely personal values and beliefs that define what recovery really means to you. 

Together, we will create a blueprint for your recovery that:


  • Is directed by you, identifies and honors your values, addresses your needs,  desires and what you want to accomplish both short term and long term on your terms. We will never tell you what you must do. We will champion you to bring out your best in what ever you choose to do.

  • Identifies and initiates the linkages to community-based services and resources such as housing, medical care, counseling, education, vocational training and social, spiritual or leisure activities that help you sustain and strengthen your recovery over time. 

  • Motivates you to be accountable to the commitments you have made, building trust in yourself, and the trust of others in you.

Throughout this process we will help you assess the many pathways to recovery available to you by helping you raise your awareness of the Differing Scopes, Types, Contexts and Frameworks that you might consider as part of your overall plan.

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection".                                ~  Johann Hari

Two people in a canoe on a misty lake

"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice; It is not a thing to be waited for,  it is a thing to be achieved."  

                             ~ William Jennings Byran

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Recovery Scope

Recovery Pathways: Scope, Types, Contexts and Frameworks

With a broad menu of recovery-focused ideas, mutual aid support groups and activities to choose from  you will have exposure to pathways that will enable you to decide what resonates most with you.  We will help you integrate whatever options you choose into your recovery plan, evaluate them over time and adjust course as your journey unfolds.

Scope of Recovery

  • Primary - focuses primarliy on addiction health

  • Primary and Secondary - focuses on addiction health and global health

Types of Recovery

  • Abstinence based

  • Moderation based

  • Medicated-assisted

Context of Recovery

  • Solo (natural) recovery

  • Treatment-assisted recovery

  • Peer-assisted recovery

Recovery Identity

  • Neutral

  • Recovery Positive

  • Recovery Negative

Frameworks of Recovery

  • Religious

  • Spiritual

  • Religious and Spiritual

  • Secular

Recovery Terminology

  • In Recovery

  • Recovered

  • Recovering

Adapted from The Varieties of Recovery Experience: A Primer for Addiction Treatment Professionals and Recovery Advocacy by William White, M.A. and Ernest Kurtz, Ph.D.

Recovery Scope

Rediscovering Your Skills, Talents and Dreams

Creating a new life with more meaningful alternatives than your addictive behaviors is key component to overcoming them. The UnCover-E    plan we co-create with you is based on what you want to accomplish in life and what matters most to you. It is a flexible plan and evolves with you as you come to understand what recovery truly means to you. The following are some areas you may wish to address that focus on your specific needs and desires:

  • Medical Care/Counseling

  • Financial Planning   

  • Career Support    

  • Health and Fitness Plan/Wellness Activities

  • Education/Training

  • Exploration of Spiritual Needs/Activities

  • Community Involvement/Being of Service

  • Fun/Social Activities/Experiential Outings

Our process is simple yet profound, thought provoking and creative and is designed to:


  • Reconnect you to the skills, talents and dreams you already have but may have forgotten as well explore new options that may be of interest to you

  • Help you find your strengths and apply them to living a more joyful and meaningful life free from self-limiting beliefs

  • Provide unconditional support by being willing to walk along side you in whatever journey you are on without judging you, making you feel inadequate, telling you what you must do, or trying to impact the outcome.

Imagine - what would it be like to have support from someone who believes in you, sees your strengths, and wants you to fully enjoy life and become all that you are capable of being? I invite you to be curious and  explore the possibilities! Please join me in a complimentary conversation and see what skills, talents and dreams might be waiting for you!

"When who you are aligns with what you do and how you do it, success is yours"

                                ~ Bruce D. Schneider

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Rediscovering Your Purpose
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